who we are and what we believe
Farmhouse Design Studio was founded by principals Ellie and Gary Bannister. They've never had second thoughts about being artists and designers. It's who they are, really, and what they enjoy doing. The driving force behind their company has consistently been a desire to create, and have fun while doing it.

At Farmhouse Design, we believe in thinking big and taking small steps to get there. We care about the details. We're intrigued by the possibilities. We don't pretend to have all the answers, but we believe solid design can make a difference, has the power to communicate, inspire emotion, and transform the world around us. And we believe good design can help others achieve success, which is rewarding in itself.

Each principal of Farmhouse Design Studio has over 20 years experience in graphic design and marketing communications. With that experience comes a core belief in the importance of forming lasting relationships with our clients. In our studio, quality of work is kept in check by quality control. We are streamlined to remain nimble, keeping our clients to a minimum, and only taking on projects that will be both challenging and rewarding. Understanding a client's brand, product and story is essential in our process. And ultimately, we hope our work resonates that through solid design with a unique voice.

We have been recognized with awards from the Type Directors Club, Communication Arts, American Center for Design, American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Art Directors Club, and Print Magazine's Regional Design Annual.

how we give back
Here at the studio, we believe that we get out of life what we put into it. Generosity, integrity and honesty in business and in life rewards us with grace and success, and we feel it is a privilege to give back to our community. We enjoy donating design, materials, and our time to local schools, non-profit events and fundraisers, local and global. And above all, we are committed to preserving our environment through eco-friendly practices, hopefully resulting in a lighter ecological footprint, and a healthier and more productive place to work and play.